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Art of Living HR was founded by H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, with a distinctive vision and structure.

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It is aimed at playing a crucial role in providing people with the best job opportunities as well as catering to the needs of employers who will be looking out for the best candidates. Our consultants go beyond the normal mode of sourcing profiles from portals.

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They network across borders and as a result, source even passive talents, which otherwise are not active in the job market. An open culture, a desire to excel, an attitude to serve, ensuring quality in every activity, within stipulated time, make us a team that is oriented towards continuous learning and utilizing this learning towards pioneering new ideas.

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Your generous reference of me to an Engineering company in UAE was greatly appreciated. Quite honestly, I could not have made it this easily in the interview process without your help. I am truly grateful for your kind help. I gladly accept the offer to work with B.

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Thank you very much for the opportunity to build up my career. I never knew it could be that easy to get an ideal job. And also I have been able to overcome all my financial backlogs. Thanks once again to Art of Living HR!!! I hereby acknowledge my sincere gratitude for recruiting me as Executive Secretary for this great company. A professional team with sound market knowledge and high client centricity.

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Its great to see the team now expand their footprint globally. I wish the Art of Living HR continued success. We sincerely thank Art of Living HR for their excellent service.

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They understood our need fully and recommended the most appropriate resource within no time. The response was quick and efficient.

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Art of Living HR will always be the first company we contact when we have recruitment needs. Many of us dabble in the martial arts at intermittent times in our lives. My own enthusiasm propelled me to a black-belt ranking in karate before a different life took over and higher aspirations ran into the sand. Other practitioners stay the course. Alexander Bennett is one such person. He currently serves as editor-in-chief of the magazine Kendo World. Bookshelves are positively groaning with titles on the martial arts, many of them breezy, hastily written works born of faddish, market-driven forces. Despite its tarnished reputation as a manual of samurai-oriented ethics requisitioned by the militarists in the s, and also a text strongly associated with the ultra-rightist writer Yukio Mishima, Bennett finds a good deal of merit in the work. These books bear some comparison, perhaps, to certain Roman historical texts, with their digressions on leadership, Confucian prescripts on the characteristics of ideal patriarchs, and certain Shakespearean plays, which incorporate commentaries on good and poor governance.

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  • During the Edo Period , a time of relative peace, the samurai were at risk of being reduced to superannuated warriors. The Tokugawa leaders inveighed them to maintain a spiritual and martial fortitude developed over centuries, but to also dedicate themselves to the promotion of social harmony and peace. Bennett examines in detail an existential dilemma, in which an honorable death in combat was no longer the supreme ideal.

    Perhaps the modern equivalent of this quandary might be certain indigenous peoples, like Native Americans, Aboriginals or Ainu, who are urged to preserve their customs but to participate in society according to very contemporary values. Bennett notes how Bushido is now being invoked as a means to re-energize a country that has fallen into economic malaise and social erosion.