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It previously admitted that members of the security forces had helped kill 10 Rohingya in a different Rakhine village in September Four officers and three soldiers were sentenced to 10 years in prison with hard labour, but a prison official said in May that they were "no longer in detention". Conflict-scarred Rakhine state is virtually sealed off to media, and has in recent months been the site of fierce battles between the military and the Arakan Army -- a rebel group claiming to fight for more autonomy for ethnic Rakhine Buddhists.

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In June the government ordered all mobile phone operators to suspend internet data in nine townships across Rakhine and neighbouring Chin state, saying the internet was being used to coordinate illegal activities. But mobile operator Telenor Group said Sunday the internet had resumed in "five of the nine affected townships" the day before.

Telenor said it was urging for internet services to be restored to the remaining four affected townships in Rakhine for "humanitarian purposes". UN rights investigators have said they fear the data blackout could serve as a cover for human rights violations by the military. Search News Search web.

But "detailed information cannot be released yet", he told AFP. Estimates from survivors in Bangladesh put the death toll in the hundreds, the report said. Rights groups say the military has done little to hold anyone accountable for atrocities.

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Story continues. What to Read Next. Yahoo Finance. It's been a while since I read someone so fun. There were some lines in there that actually made me laugh out loud. At the same time she has a lot of insecurities, thinking that everyone assumes she is just a freak because she has these weird outburst. I just found her to be really lovable and overall really well written. The story also had amazing characters. I loved Jules friendship with Cami and the relationship she had with her grandma she's one amazing character.

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  5. So many great lines. Such a fun personality. Something that I also really enjoyed was the love triangle.

    Uh, I know. Another one of those. But I loved how this one was written. How Bree wasn't the typical "other girl" that was mean and not likeable at all. Cause I loved Bree. And I really loved all the little revelations at the end of the book. So well handled.

    19th Century

    The writing in the book was amazing. It was such a fun and easy read. I loved the setting. I loved the mystery. I never got to the point where I just didn't care anymore who killed who. So I'm giving this book all the stars and I'm telling you all to pick up this book and reading. It's so entertaining. Shelves: young-adult , romance , funny , mystery , contemporary , netgalley , lgbt-characters , watch-yo-language. This was cute, if frivolous and just an "alright" little story.

    I wanted to know more about Juliet's family's psychic history! Their powers! This book is so short, it could have really benefited from more of anything.

    Also, while the humor came off as charming and quirky at fir 2. Also, while the humor came off as charming and quirky at first loved the Princess Bride quips , I thought there could have been more tact when it came to the nun bits. Like, nuns are pretty cool people. I'm not even Catholic, but I just thought the early jokes lacked taste and will definitely offend some people.

    Totally called the ending regarding Bree, by the way. Wish that could have been explored a little for the sake of character development. But like I said, I wish anything had been explored a little bit more. I knew I was going to love this book when I started laughing at the very first sentence. Jules is out of a job for the summer when her mother has to close down her antique shop for a temporary job in Paris. Because part of me wonders…I give myself a little shake. Get real, Jules. This book had everything I look for in a young adult contemporary.

    Witty and charming characters, crazy funny dialogue, easy writing style, a story that makes you read through the night, and did I mention lots of laughs?! Add to that romance filled with hilariously awkward moments, mystery involving castle intrigue and dashing knights or should I say, squights , and lovable family and side characters that made me crack up.

    The mystery was great — usually I can predict whodunits immediately, but I only guessed around halfway through. Please, I need more!! Her writing style really reminded me of one of my favorite authors ever, Jenny B. All I can say is that K. Held has made me a forever fan with Holding Court! If you enjoy laughing, you will enjoy this new YA. Totally recommended for those who like the YA contemporary genre.

    No one. I have a blurting problem.

    Listen to Holding Court - The Squash Cast with Nick Matthew. now.

    It happens more when I'm nervous. Like now. My friend Cami calls it Psychic Tourette's Syndrome. PTS for short. I call it mortifying. The characters are wonderful. Jules Verity comes from a family in which the women all exhibit some sort of power. Her quirky grandmother runs a matchmaking company called The Aura of Romance with her ability to read auras and she drives a pink golf ca "Who told you to say that?

    Her quirky grandmother runs a matchmaking company called The Aura of Romance with her ability to read auras and she drives a pink golf cart around town with advertisements plastered on it. Her mom has the ability to tell the history of an object by touching it. Jules is the best though. She randomly blurts out psychic premonitions that often sound more loony than accurate. For example, "Be alert to the squirt and smell the ketchup!

    Holding Court by Jacob Saenz | Poetry Magazine

    The Mad Maid of Kent is known to be a crazy psychic so it works quite well. This setting made for some interesting dialogue as well as unique weapons and storing places for bodies. The story is a mystery. She finds a dead body on her first day of work and rolls on from there with Jules investigating. The Bad While I'm sure there were flaws with the story, I didn't notice them.

    This was just what I needed at the time. The Romance Jules has had a crush on Grayson for quite some time. I like how in this one, Grayson has a girlfriend that Jules loves. She thinks Bree is one of the best people she's ever met, and I have to agree that she's pretty great.