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  • Harmonic Analysis on Reductive p-adic Groups.
  • Harmonic Analysis on Reductive, \(p\)-adic Groups.

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Harmonic Analysis on Reductive Groups

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Return form will be sent to your email Id:. Academic Texts. Colloque sur les fonctions sphe'riques et la the'orie des groupes, Nancy 6. Computation of certain induced characters of p-adic groups. A, 75 , 8. Lambert The irreducible unitary representations of the group of triangular matrices.

Invariant Harmonic Analysis on the Schwartz Space of a Reductive p-ADIC Group - Semantic Scholar

A 77 , 9. Square-integrable representations mod Z of unipotent groups. Quasi-admissible representations of p-adic groups. In: Lie groups and their representations, I. Gelfand ed. Smooth and admissible representations of p-adic unipotent groups. Group representations: a first introduction and survey. Representations of locally compact groups with applications, T.

American Journal of Mathematics

Koornwinder ed. The irreducible unitary representations of SL 2, R. Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde 3 , 30 , Orbits on real affine symmetric spaces I: the infinitesimal case. A, On generalized Gelfand pairs, a survey of results. Report RUL, no. On generalized Gelfand pairs. Japan Acad. Invariant eigendistributions on the tangent space of a rank one semisimple symmetric space.

Modulo pp representations of reductive pp-adic groups: functorial properties - Marie-France Vignéras

Harish-Chandra's collected papers. Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde 3 , J Funct. On a class of generalized Gelfand pairs. Harmonic analysis on rank one symmetric spaces. Notes in Physics , Springer, A Plancherel formula for the isotropic cone.

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A, 91 , On the regular embedding of representations of motion groups. It has been said that the 'proper' realisation of a group always involves its action by symmetries on some space. This principle manifests everywhere from geometry, to classical analysis, to number theory. Unfortunately, most symmetries are too hard to study directly, so we must usually linearise them.

ISBN 13: 9780691611365

The study of linearised group actions is called representation theory. In the late 's and early 's, Langlands proposed a far-reaching collection of conjectures unifying algebraic, geometric, and analytic perspectives on representation theory. Much deep work has been done in the pursuit of these conjectures, but, until recently, the fundamental objects of harmonic analysis, group characters, have not been put to their full use.