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Barker, G. Rehabilitation of the institutionalized patient.

Beckingham, C. Relinquishment of the Sick Role: Convalescence and Rehabilitation.

Psychiatry’s future is here. Here are 6 trends that will affect your practice

Bennett, D. Community mental health services in Britain. Professionals in Health and Social Service Organisations. Collaboration between Health and Social Services.

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Byrne, L. The home behaviour of schizophrenic patients living in the community and attending a day centre. Education and Training for Social Work.

Eysenck, H. The Future of Psychiatry.

Agrawal, Niruj

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Pages The Psychiatry of Kidnapping and Hostage-Taking. The Treatment of Psychopaths. Mental Health Policy: Pros and Cons. Laterality in Relation to Psychiatry: An Introduction. Some Psychophysiological Aspects of Anxiety.

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  5. Sleep and its Disorders. Prognosis in Severe Neurosis. Aspects of Gender and its Disorders.

    Current Themes in Psychiatry in Theory and Practice | SpringerLink

    Aspects of the Management of Alcoholism. Physical Consequences of Eating Disorders. Kate Webb, J. Hubert Lacey, John Morgan.

    Current Themes in Psychiatry in Theory and Practice

    Biofeedback in Psychiatric Practice. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction An up-to-date overview of a range of topics, covering contemporary concerns and therapeutic challenges in clinical psychiatry, written by distinguished psychiatrists who are leaders in their fields. This volume will help to shape the clinical practice of psychiatry students and mental health professionals. Antidepressiva Biofeedback dementia depression diagnosis disease eating disorder personality psychiatric disorder psychiatry psychotic disorder Syndrom syndromes Therapeut treatment.