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I am a huge supporter of banning smoking wherever possible. In this case, it will affect restaurants, bars, and other public places in the city. I believe that this will make for a much healthier community. As someone who is now 21 and wishes to go to bars on occasion, I am glad that I will not be welcomed by a cloud of smoke.

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And besides, bars are unhealthy enough with all of that alcohol — why should there be smoking as well? Banning smoking in restaurants is way overdue. These are places where families with young children go to enjoy dinner and have a good time. Every year, smoking becomes an issue on campus the same way race and sexual assault are hot topics once a year , but it is never so much of an issue that something is actually done about it. I wrote a similar editorial about this two years ago and I will gladly write another one because my opinion about this has not changed.

Here is the situation: currently, smoking is not permitted inside buildings or within a foot perimeter of buildings. The new resolution would have security fighting our battles for us. I wonder if the proponents of this resolution want some larger force to fight their battles and are too afraid to confront smokers in person.

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While smoker-non-smoker confrontations are rare, what I have observed is smokers chilling outside Higley, off to the side. One could argue that the resolution is only seeking to be passed for the sake of passing. A shiny new resolution will look good for DCGA, while having no measurable or meaningful consequence on students.

For reasonable, common-sense compromise on Michigan's smoking ban

Does that make it a win-win? Furthermore, this DCGA smoking ban would not fix the problem of cigarette litter.

We live in a beautiful paradise, and everyone respects it enough to not litter their cigarette butts. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:.

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Synopsis About this title It is only in recent years that the threat of secondhand smoke has caused such serious controversy. Review : "A little over a hundred pages of material in each offers the perfect platform to fuel a classroom debate. Buy New Learn more about this copy.

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